Opportunities for Guest Bloggers

The Write Now! Coach Blogs frequently features authors and guest bloggers on topics of interest to writers. If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger, please submit your bio, a list of your publications, and three possible topics to rochelle (at) writenowcoach (dot) com. Please see below for regular categories:


Writers Read

The Write Now! Coach created the #WritersRead for reading writers to share the books that inspired them to write. In the summer of 2015, she'll be offering guest bloggers the opportunity to blog about books that inspired them or that inspired their current book. We'll be doing a book giveaway with most #WritersRead posts. (See giveaway guidelines below.) Posts are generally about:

*An author's five favorite books in a genre (e.g., fantasy or mystery)

*The five books that shaped an author's writing

*Five books on a theme (e.g., falling in love, grief, gardening, etc.)

*A reflection on a writing book that inspired the writer

*A reflection on any book that encouraged a writer to write

If you are an author or blogger with a passion for reading, send your idea to the Write Now! Coach along with the titles of the five books you will be reviewing, your bio, and a link to your website or blog. If you plan to do a book giveaway, please also include the title of the book you will give (along with the format). See guidelines below for length and style of posts.



The Write Now! Coach created Writers@Work to educate freelance writers about unique writing gigs. If you're a writer who makes money in a unique way, email rochelle (at) writenowcoach (dot) com with a summary of what you do, your bio, and a link to your website. Writers@Work posts appear on Thursdays.


Wednesday Writing Prompt

The Write Now! Coach publishes a writing prompt every single Wednesday. If you've got a creative writing prompt, submit your idea along with your bio and a link to your website or blog.


National Novel Writing Month

The Write Now! Coach wrote the popular NaNoWriMo guide, Write-A-Thon: Write Your Book in 26 Days (And Live to Tell About It) and has been an active participant and NaNo winner since 2007. Every November, the Write Now! Coach uses her blog to educate and support NaNo participants.  If you have a writing prompt or tip to help writers who participate in NaNoWriMo, send your idea to Rochelle along with a bio and link to your website.


The Write Now! Coach Blogs Writing Guidelines

*Guest posts should be 500-1000 words long and sent as a MSWord attachment.

*Please include (but do not embed) your links in the body of your post.

*Send a photo, a bio, and a link to your website, blog, or Twitter account. If you would like to include key words to tag, that would be helpful.

*If you are an author and would like to do a giveaway, please let us know when you submit your idea. All submission should be sent via email to rochelle (at) writenowcoach (dot) com.

*All posts are due one week before the expected publication date.

*Guest bloggers will be tweeted and celebrated all over the social media world but we cannot at this time pay you. You retain the rights to your writing and can use it again (though it will stay up at our site).


The Write Now! Coach Blogs Giveaway Guidelines

*Books can be hard copy or ebooks. You may give away your own book or a book you're featuring.

*Books can be hard copy or ebooks. You may give away your own book or a book you're featuring.

*Regular book giveaways are limited to the US. Ebook giveaways can be international.

*The contest will be held using Rafflecopter and contest participants will be asked to like Facebook pages, follow Twitter accounts, and add comments. Contests will be held for one week. Rafflecopter selects winners at random.

*Both the recipient and the giver will be notified by email as soon as the contest ends.

*Mailing and emailing prizes is up to the giver and needs to be done in a timely manner (within 1-2 weeks of announcement).

*Write Now! Coach is not responsible for lost items or postal fees.


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