Rochelle Melander's book coaching dropped into my life at the perfect time! Although I'm a published author of several books, every writer needs the thoughtful questions, editing help, and accountability, and Rochelle provides all of that and more. Without her guidance and help, my next book would still be a dream, and with her help, it's turning into a reality instead!
—Caroline Adams Miller, author of Creating Your Best Life


Rochelle is a good listener. We came together for conversations and she could hear the sound of my creative energy deep down in the hole where I had unwittingly allowed it to be buried. As a writing coach, Rochelle built a staircase and walked my energy out of the ground and into productive processes. She suggested appropriate readings, writing exercises, changes in my daily routines and new ways to think about what seemed like insurmountable creative blocks. Like a guide with a lantern, she showed me how to meet my creative goals.
—Elaine Blanchard, storyteller, actor, writer


Rochelle Melander is not only a gifted writer developing her own ideas, she is also someone with skill to help other writers find their voice. As a University faculty member with a Ph.D, I have learned that I need someone who can understand the spirit and content of what I want to write about in my particular field. Rochelle’s coaching style and skills attended to my voice and ideas and worked to clarify and develop these ideas. If you want to write, seek consultation with Rochelle before she becomes famous and goes on Oprah.
—Jan Ewing, PhD

I’d really put a lot of work into my book proposal before bringing it to Rochelle. It seemed pretty solid and it felt like it said what I wanted it to say. Yet as I worked with Rochelle she gently helped me see numerous ways to tighten up my proposal, focus it more sharply--and most importantly--help it sound more like my writing voice. In addition she helped me lay out a workable plan for presenting my proposal to the right agents. Signing on for her coaching was definitely a wise move on my part.
—Ron Vanderwell Lead Pastor, The Gathering


I want to let you know how much your coaching and editing has influenced my book. I had worked for many years to make my manuscript ready. But, I knew it needed more work. A friend told me about you and I contacted you. You were an incredibly supportive, wonderfully educating and illustrative influence on my book. You instructed me on the importance of keeping my writing in the present tense and making sure the reader could place themselves in the scene. Your help on making one chapter lead to the next was invaluable. Your belief that my story was worth telling - well, it was priceless! My book For the Love of Angela will be published in a few weeks and it would not have been possible without your help. I hope when I write my next book, your edits and recommendations will help me make it a masterpiece. Thank you for all your help.
—Nancy M. Mayer-Whittington
Author, For the Love of Angela

Rochelle Melander held open the door for me as I moved from the era of writing for the print media to the new era of electronic communications. Her coaching helped me transition from full time ministry to a semi-retired life that includes writing through and for the internet. This has freed me to literally travel around the world and still stay connected to a network of people I’ve developed in the States. Her insights, patience, great ideas, and seemingly endless supply of connections and resources really helped at a time when I was a bit uncertain about what path to take next. I admire her creativity and many venues of service she provides.
—Kathy Haueisen Cashen

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